I had never felt so disrespected in my whole life. From the moment I walked into the office I was treated with suspicion and what I preceived as an almost hostile attitude. I went to this doctor for a consult, never intending for her to ever write me a prescription. I was still treated like a drug seeker. We consider aquatic ecosystems an integral and important component of thebiosphere. One of the holistic functions of aquatic ecosystems is theircleaning the water via a multitude of various mechanisms. The aim of thispaper is to present some rudiments of the theory of ecosystem self-purificationwhich emphasize the importance of several functional biological filtersthat are instrumental in purifying and upgrading the quality of water inaquatic ecosystems. Stability of the biosphere includes several important components. The assessment of asymmetry is essential for melanoma (MM) diagnosis, both when using a heuristic approach and when employing semiquantitative methods on dermoscopic images. The aim of our study was to develop and validate a software for assessment of asymmetry in melanocytic lesion images, based on evaluation of color symmetry, and to compare the automatic evaluation to the one performed by human observers. Numerical parameters (mean RGB distance, variance and maximum distance) referring to MMs were significantly higher both with respect to BN and AN. This innovative method for automatic asymmetry evaluation, based on the mathematical description of color distribution in different image blocks, provides numerical parameters for employment in computer-aided melanoma diagnosis. I am now a free born in life, am now like other people who now think things like human. For these days and forever, i will accept Dr Camala as my father and my healer and buy valium helper. He is a great man..
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